Are you lost for words?

Do you need a keen and professional outside pair of eyes to help you with copywriting?

I'm a Melbourne SEO copywriter/brand storyteller/feature writer who helps creative lifestyle and fashion businesses tell their stories online. Previously, I've written for ASX-listed companies like Fairfax, Sportsgirl and Melbourne IT, and fashion brands like Seed Heritage and The Con-Nection. Today, I work with those focused on living beautiful and meaningful lives - designers, creatives, agencies with lifestyle brands...but also health and wellness experts + so many more.

I usually help them with web content writing, marketing content, sales collateral, press releases, feature writing, blog articles, email marketing and more.

My goal is to make your message profoundly poignant with creative copywriting, so that you can engage with your ideal audience.

I do this by making YOU stand out online with the personality and pinache you already have, and then combine this with the keywords your customers are using so that they find YOU on Google.

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Nice things people have said about me

"Camilla was such a delight to work with. She was able to take my jumbled thoughts and help me craft them into beautiful words that made sense for my new brand.

What I liked about working with Camilla was that she took the time to listen to me and took plenty of notes. She's clearly got some great systems in place for her own business, as I felt really cared for and she kept her promise on delivery dates. I will recommend Camilla to all of my friends with websites who want to craft a clear and inviting message for their brand audience!" - Rachelle Hawken Life Coaching.

"When you’re starting your own business it can be a lonely and daunting road. It was a stroke of genius (well done me!) to engage Camilla to help me with my copywriting. While I think I’m a pretty good and clear writer, Camilla just took my heart and message to a whole new level of clarity and communication. Not only did I have a copywriter, but I had someone in my corner with me - someone I could bounce ideas off and who was there to cheer me on. Camilla also ticks every efficiency box - reliable (does what she says she is going to do, when she says she will do it!), responsive to feedback and thorough. The hardest part about working with Camilla is letting her and her magic pen go once the job is done." - Katie Wyatt, The Superfoodery

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