Are you lost for words?

Do you need a keen and professional outside pair of eyes to help you with copywriting?

I'm a Melbourne SEO copywriter for lifestyle and fashion businesses. I've been a copywriter for ASX-listed companies like Fairfax, Sportsgirl and Melbourne IT, worked for publishers such as and, and done copywriting for fashion brands like Seed Heritage, Politix and The Con-Nection. Today, I work with retail brands, designers, creatives, agencies with lifestyle brands...but also health and wellness experts + so many more.

I usually help them with copywriting for various mediums, fashion copywriting for retail brands and designersweb content writing for SEO purposes, content marketing strategies and content creation, email marketing copywriting, business naming and taglines, sales pages, press releases, feature writing, blog writing, tone-of-voice development and more.

My goal is to make your message persuasive with creative copywriting, so that people open their minds to you, and hopefully their wallets too.

Who am I?


I'm Camilla, and I'm a Melbourne SEO copywriter who works with fashion + lifestyle businesses. I can help your brand with SEO copywriting and blogging. 

I like writing about myself, so there's a whole page of it over here.

Nice things people have said about me

"Camilla was a dream to work with. She created amazing copy for our ‘About Us’ page, media kit and other key sections on our website. I loved the whole process.  She was able to take my jumbled thoughts and words and put it all together in a creative and concise way that spoke to our target audience perfectly.  I look forward to working with her again in the future."

– Nadia Bartell, The Con-Nection & Chronicles of Nadia

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What's next?

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