20 ways to give more


It is Autumn and my toes are numb. When the colder seasons roll around, I feel a little hard done by...okay, a lot hard done by. It's the lack of sunlight, lack of activities, lack of warmth....just a big, gaping void that can only be filled by the buzz of January.

Self-pity is a steep hole to climb out of, particularly if you work solo from home without the camaraderie of an office. Perhaps you're chasing invoices, sending emails off into a nether? Or maybe you missed out on that big client/collaboration/promotion? Maybe Telstra slammed you with the mother of all phone bills. Woopsie!

Here's a fun truth: no one ever went broke from giving too much.

Let that thought marinade.

When you give, you might not get back from the same person. You might not receive what you expected. 

But when you do give, you grow your potential for receiving. In this growth, you open yourself to be able to receive on par with your capacity to give. 

When you hold back, you’re hoarding out of fear. You block yourself receiving anything else, and, as a result, you reinforce that lack you're feeling, and attract more scarcity.

You might not have all the money in the world.

You might not have all the time in the world.

But giving can be easy.

Here are 20 prompts to attract more of the good stuff.


1. Tip your local barista.

Do you even know what time they had to get up this morning?!


2. Bring baked goods to work.

Sift. Mix. Bake. Frost. Dump in the kitchen at work. No explanation. Just messy, chocolately smiles.


3. Give compliments to randoms.

Not the creepy kind. The Cute kind.

“I like your shoes.” “You hair is so shiny!” “That lipstick is amazing.” You get the point.


4. Email a writer/blogger/podcaster you like and tell them they’re killing it.

Little-thanked people need encouragement. Sometimes Facebook Likes don’t cut it. Sometimes emails do.


5. Get downward dog with a community yoga class.

You’ll feel fit, fresh and fabulous. Oh, and proceeds will go to charity. Instant karma.


6. Ransack your closet for things you don’t ever, ever wear. Give them away for free.

Look, I know it’s nice to make a quick buck on Etsy and eBay, but seriously, it’s probably not worth the time in taking photos and uploading. Palm off your unwanted treasures to friends, or post them in a Facebook group like this one.


7. Do your partner’s chores.

Say nothing. Ask for nothing. Continue living your life. You just made someone’s week.


8. Make the doctor’s office less boring.

Give away your unwanted magazines. But not the really old kind. They make things worse.


9. Tweet about interesting things people have written.

My handle is @camillapeffer, in case you were wondering.


10. Give your local café/bar/restaurant an A+ review.

Because there are too many sad, lonely, wankers on Urban Spoon.


11. Ask a friend how their new job/new boyfriend/new book/new hair is going.

Listen. Don’t butt in. Smile. Look them in the eye. And don’t tell them how you’re new thing is going, unless they ask you.


12. Ask your waiter how their day was.

Because there’s only too many babycinos you can serve before cracking.


13. Massage your honey’s shoulders.

Make it hurt so good. No, not like that. Like this


14. Pick up the drinks tab or pay for the sides when you’re out to dinner with friends.

One should never split a side of fries four ways.


15. Register to give blood.

And then don’t post it on Instagram or Facebook.


16. Complete one of those customer surveys.

Every now and again businesses like to upgrade their products and services. They can’t do this until you tell them what you like or hate. Be bold. Don’t hold back. But be kind.


17. ‘Gram a photo of you reading your favourite magazine and tag the publication.

Same goes for books. #printisnotdead, ok?


18. Offer to take a photo for a cute couple or tourists.

Unless they want a selfie. Then you should photo bomb.


19. Leave your phone at home on Friday night.

Give the ones you love your undivided attention.


20. Give referrals.

Send work someone’s way. Ask for nothing. No ‘you owe me’s’. No expectations. Just authentic connections.


You're going to feel so good.