On being introspective in Berlin

When you find yourself grimacing at your weekly planner, trying to find time to explore a German spy station, you know your week is a bit too full.

For those following along on social media, you’ll know that I packed 45kgs of luggage and took a very, very long flight to London. I’m now in Berlin, writing inside co-working café Oberholz, trying to find a peaceful nook before I have a client meeting via Skype. It’s 9pm in Australia.

As travel is wont to do, it’s had an impact on my reflective practices. I’m finding myself journaling more and more, thinking about my business and personal life. I’ve become hugely introspective – as if I could become more so – because detaching yourself from normalcy gives you the opportunity to both literally and figuratively take a step back. I’m examining the way I used to do things, and trying to confirm what actions to take going forward. I’m dreadfully homesick, but simultaneously inspired and motivated to push myself on all levels. Where to next? What else can I learn about?


This trip already feels like it’s on fast-forward, as my default speed is go-go-go. It’s hard to settle down. Case in point – I got kicked out of yoga class the other day for doing a headstand. Inversions are verboten, it would seem. But it’s hard to calm down your energy when you’re a human fire-cracker.


Here’s to trying. Have a happy week ahead, wherever you are in the world.