5 independent European designers to swoon for

I was 13 when my father first announced my life’s purpose:

“That girl was born to shop.”

And it was a prophecy that rang true.

I arrived in Europe with 45 kgs of luggage. I would estimate that I’m currently about 7kgs over that initial weight with extra shoes, knits and all manner of pink things acquired throughout my journey.

So without further adieu and any regard for my impending musculoskeletal problems, here are 5 European designers that have caught my eye, my heart, and my Travel Money card.



I was introduced to this little boutique in Le Marais by my Couch Surfing host. I adore Soi's concept, as their brand has focused on the story-telling component of fashion. In fact, I would wager that the entire brand is a study in the unique language of fashion and its function as a medium for narratives. From the garments themselves, to the interaction between store assistant and customer, Soi takes the wearer on a sartorial journey. It truly is an all-encompassing brand experience.



Finding a buttery-soft, genuine leather bag can be a hard task. Add minimal design features and clean lines to the must-have mix? Even harder. But what about a decent price tag? That's a near impossible trifecta! Liebeskind is a Berlin-based label that ticks all boxes, making simple yet luxurious leather goods that appeal to all ages, genders, utilities and budgets.


The Edited

An ultra-chic online boutique based in Hamburg with a bricks-and-mortar pop-up now in Berlin. In addition to stocking Adidas, Calvin Klein, Cheap Monday and many other higher-end designer brands and streetwear labels, their own collection focuses on utterly wearable staples in a range of seasonal colours and patterns. I'll take one of each of everything they have on offer.

We admit: we have a crush on our new #EDITEDthelabel leather jacket "Luke Biker" and can't wait for fall to come to wear it ✌🏻💃

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A German street-wear brand in a similar vein to Stussy, Mossimo and Nasty Gal. Very tongue-in-chic with a focus on slogan tees, bags and sweats. You’ve probably seen a blogger repping these on Instagram.

Shopper Famous @ch.phr8ph ◾️◽️

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Rachel Entwistle

A luxurious alchemical collection based in Shoreditch. Rachel Entwistle’s talismans were designed for the high-heeled high priestess who stores her crystals with her cell phone. This tiny London boutique is a haven of sacred geometry, celestial themes and all things arcane.

Last few Milagros Cross rings in our sale. Can be worn as midi rings as well as regular style ✌🏽️

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