The cost of running an online business

I know that as you're tap-tap-tapping away at your computer screen, it can feel as though your path to self-employment success is one travelled solo. As a woman of the internet, I certainly feel like it's just me and my cat against the world, or like my efforts are inferior to others. Particularly with a whole fresh crop of Amy Porterfields, Maria Forleos and Alexandra Franzens popping up all over the internet.

Here's the thing with online business gurus - our admiration of them is a double-edged sword. Their existence is beneficial, yes, because they've created a virtual yardstick for which we measure our success. This can help us set goals, aim higher and then analyse our efforts. But it's unfair to measure our worth against that of someone who might have a different creativity threshold.

There's a meme circulating the internet at the moment - you know the one. You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce. I understand the purpose of it was to make us realise our potential, but sometimes my energy levels are a bit less Sasha Fierce, and a bit more Hannah Horvath.

Which is why this report from Copyblogger is comforting. It reflects the true experience of online business owners, which is rare because we read success stories on a daily basis. 

There's something soothing about the fact that I too am not the only one who changes their branding on a whim.

Like this infographic? Get the full report here.