A unique selling point.

A tone-of-voice and signature style that's inimitable, memorable, and engaging.

But sometimes, it's hard to find the words and the right style to make your website, book, brochure or press release come whirr to life. Your words need to hook into the hearts, minds and wallets of your audience.

When you speak with a voice that's truly authentic, appropriate, and audacious, you'll find it's easer to magnetise your ideal audience.

Because they don't buy what you're saying, or even what you're selling. They buy how you say it.


Here's how I've helped other businesses find clarity.

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Australian retail icon Seed Heritage was ready to step into their next wave of excellence. Along with expanding into Asia and New Zealand, Seed Heritage was launching a new responsive website, ready to compete on the global stage.

In addition to creating new website content to specify their new shipping, returns and shopping policies, I also rewrote their company About Us page, and peppered their website with attractive micro-copy designed to get browsers clicking and buying. To finish off the project, I supplied their marketing team with a tone-of-voice guide to ensure consistency, clarity and cohesion with future marketing efforts.

As one of Australia's most respected and reputable high street mens' fashion brands, Politix has an image which is bold, cool and always ahead of the sartorial curve. In 2016, they needed a current tone-of-voice, creative campaign copy and sharp product descriptions to re-engage with the dapper men of Australia. What they got was fresh copy that spoke to the party boy who knows what's what, and isn't afraid to say it with his tongue firmly in cheek.

Nadia Bartel is Australian fashion blogger royalty, so her segue into e-commerce was a natural progression. Nadia knows style, and she knows girls love to shop. Together. But when it comes to the online world, the shopping experience can get a little lonely. Women want to feel like they're part of a community, or a part of the cool girl crowd. And The Con-Nection was made to create that feeling and to invite confident, classy and intelligent girls to join them.

By combining Nadia's classy charisma with her story of sisterly love, I created a tone-of-voice for The Con-Nection that was designed to re-engage time-poor women and encourage them to create their own sense of personal expression. It's all about confidence, class and creativity. 

daniel is a ladies' man. But he's just a glass water bottle - or is he? The founders of daniel glass approached me with a marketing quandary - how do you appeal to a tech-savvy audience of wine-guzzling, yoga-posing and insta-snapping females with...h20? How do you make hydration not only cool, but creative? The answer: with a sleek, sexy and stylish vessel, and a tone-of-voice that's funny, flirty and full of good old dirty humour. 


Pure Glow Cleanse

The health and wellness industry is booming worldwide, like a major explosion of confetti kale. So just how does getting your greens come to resonate with female Gen Y? It’s all in the messaging. Being healthy is not about keeping the doctor away – it’s about living your best life with almost-illegal amounts of energy! It’s about feeling beautiful, unstoppable and totally rejuvenated from the inside out. Health is hot, and Pure Glow Cleanse knows it.

Pure Glow Cleanse was undergoing a rebrand, and needed my help to create some super sharp, hard-hitting copy that oozed with a whip-smart personality. Through creating enthusiastic, informative and exciting copy that chimed with their audience of young, busy professionals with no time for woo-woo, Pure Glow Cleanse has gone on to become Western Australia’s leading juice cleanse delivery.

There's a problem with the adult pleasure industry - most companies target men. With a lack of women-oriented companies carrying the torch, entering a testosterone-saturated market required a bold approach that treated pleasure as part of a larger picture. That picture? Women's empowerment.

This meant Chantilly Rouge's story needed to be more than just about sex. The goal was to inspire, to excite and empower with body and sex positive language that started a dialogue.

By creating a powerful, classy and sexily persuasive tone-of-voice, Chantilly Rouge presents itself as a champion for women's sexuality. With the audacity of a modern-day femme fetale and a focus on interactivity, I was able to help Chantilly Rouge position itself as a world-class supplier of high-end adult accoutrements. 

Bear Denim

The perfect pair of jeans is hard to find. Which is where Bear Denim comes in. Owned and operated by Prue Carey and her husband, Bear Denim can make you a pair of custom-fit jeans - and you get to design them! Now, not everyone understands the tailoring process. Which is why Bear Denim's website needed to provide clear, concise and correct instructions for ordering. Oh, and it had to be fun to read, too. So what did I do? I created an engaging and cheeky tone-of-voice that would appeal to a young female audience who are spoiled for choice when it comes to fashion retailers.

Rachelle Hawken

Rachelle contacted me with big plans to undergo a major rebranding for her life coaching business. New website, new message, new blog, new services! As a life coach in a saturated self-help industry, Rachelle needed a new message that spoke to the wants and needs of 20-something female professionals.

By assessing Rachelle's values and listening to concerns, I was able to use her motivations as a life coach to inform her communication style. The result was copy that emphasised compassion, care, innovation and helpfulness.


Health food has a bit of a reputation for being a bit elitist. The Superfoodery, a new online supplier of health food items, wanted to take the exact opposite route and recreate that personalised in-store experience you might get from your local grocer.  

What they needed was a cheeky, fun and quirky tone-of-voice that was accessible. As they wanted to create an inclusive community of health-curious foodies (not health militants), the language used was highly conversational, intimate and playful. 

THINK University's Australian National College of Beauty needed a bit of a website refresh in the lead up to opening their new Brisbane campus. As they were aiming to target a female audience of young school leavers, they needed a fresh yet professional perspective. I created 8 new pages of keyword-rich web copy that was informational, educational, and persuasive, yet also warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

Accumulus Accounting is an accounting business with a difference. So naturally, they needed web copy with a difference. James Van Der Mew is a tax agent, business advisor, marketing facilitator and mobile accountant with a twist: he's entirely digital, meaning his paperless office needed the right words to tell its story. Being an unconventional entrepreneur, I crafted James' copy to be a reflection of not just his business, but of who he was: professional but fun, young but knowledgeable, and personable yet credible. The result? Website copy about tax that doesn't make you fall asleep.

Do you know how to create a website? How about how to set up website hosting? Or how to change your name servers? No? Web development is a special language. As Melbourne IT's content marketing executive, it was my job to take this complex subject, distill it, and simplify into layman's terms. I wrote about how to set up website hosting for an audience of SMBs, the perks of multiple domain names, the benefits of SSL certificates, and how to set up Managed Exchange. For starters.

Too busy to take care of yourself? Mm...Yoga! brings yoga and massage to you - wherever you are in Melbourne. MM...Yoga! helps to tip the work/life balance in a busy person's favour, so they needed website copy that was as balanced as their values. It had to address the needs and wants of time-poor professionals, but also introduce mobile yoga classes as a fun and healthy alternative to hard-slog gym sessions. Copy had to be short, snappy and entertaining: perfect for a white collar worker exploring new fitness options.


Life coaching is a booming industry, and the market is full of inspirational modern day sages. For many life coaches operating as one woman shops, this means their personality becomes their brand. Which is why Erin Kyna needed more than website copy. She needed magnetic words that resonated on a deep and personal level with the reader, spoke to her potential clients' pain points, and then moved them to take action. Above all else, they needed to be authentic. By working with Erin's existing website copy, I was able to tell her powerful story using language that combined my signature contemporary poetics + words designed to attract and convert + Erin's charm, compassion and soulful approach to improving peoples' lives.

Wealth Smart

When it comes to finding a health or life insurance policy for you, poring over Product Disclosure Statements is booorrrring. Life and health insurance is not a sexy subject. It's serious business. Wealth Smart helps you find a life or health insurance policy to suit your needs by comparing features, benefits and quotes online. The challenge? Taking a super serious, complex subject, distilling it, and simplifying for a wide audience. I did this by reading countless PDS documents from a variety of providers, took the core features and benefits of each policy, and provided super clear and concise copy that everyone can understand.