A good content marketing strategy and follow-through is like a good pair of pants.

But most businesses think of blogging and content creation as a sparkly pair of earrings.

Totally pretty and shiny, but not essential.

Content marketing is your website's pair of pants. It covers your ass, and if made well, will serve you in the long term.

And you wouldn't leave home without your pants, right?


Why content marketing?

You want your audience – your customers, clients or partners – to say a simple, thoughtful and self-assured ‘yes’ to your products and services.

You want them to trust you explicitly, and support your role as a leader, authority and sage.

You want to create content that serves them, that speaks to their raw needs and wants, and makes them feel supported in turning to you for help, guidance or inspiration.

But creating content isn’t easy: you need a defined, clear and manageable content marketing strategy.


What is a content marketing strategy?

Having a content marketing strategy isn’t optional – it’s imperative. In an age where all businesses are publishers who need a steady stream of content, a content marketing strategy is key to making sure you meet your goals.

If you could invite your audience into your home to share your wisdom, knowledge, and help a few people along the way, you would. But instead, you need to reach them online.

But what do you say to them? How often do you speak? And how do finally ask for the sale?

A well-defined gap exists between your audience finding their way to your door and discovering your existence. It’s the gap between knowing you, trusting you, liking you, and then paying for your services and products.

How do you get them to leap across this gap – consciously, naturally and whole-heartedly?


A content marketing strategy is that bridge

Imagine your ideal client or customer sitting at their computer, reading your blog posts, nodding along in agreement, and then eventually emailing you/calling you/clicking the ‘buy now’ button.

By creating authentic, engaging, strategic content, your ideal customer will:

+ Become a fan, even before the first transaction.

+ Trust your judgment and authority.

+ Understand you know what’s best for them.

+ Adore your style.

+ Willingly buy from you, without hesitation.


Month by month, your audience grows, and so too does your list of customers and clients. You’re booked out until next month, you’ve got loads of products on back order, and your latest event sells out within days.

Because you committed to creating content strategically, you’ve been able to grow your business…just by showing that you care.


Why you need a content marketing strategy

Blogging your heart out with no goal in mind is like tossing spaghetti at a wall: some of it might stick, but it’s messy, and you’ll have to clean it up eventually.

A defined and clear content strategy – plus the actual content itself – appeals to people who are, more likely than not, your ideal audience. They’re interested in what you have to say, curious about how you can help them, and are more likely to purchase from you, compared to someone you simply hand your business card to.




Content marketing helps your brand by:

+ Clearly defining your S.M.A.R.T goals in alignment with your values.

+ Defining your audience and what they truly want and need to hear from you.

+ Drives people to your website, where they can learn more about you and what you can offer them.

+ Decide which types of content will work for your own resources, and your audience’s attention span.

+ Underpinning an AGILE plan that establishes a clear and manageable process for creating.

+ Measure your success by helping you analyse your content marketing sweet spots and any areas that need attention.


Imagine connecting with your ideal audience every week in a way that genuinely helps and inspires them, all without going in for the hard sell.

That’s what content marketing is – and a clearly defined content marketing strategy will take you there.


How I can help you

I’ll show you how to align your business with your audience’s wants and needs, before they even become a client. I’ll help you plan, plot and measure your success, and produce content that’s designed for connection, resonance and conversion.


Does this sound like you?

+ My business blogs inconsistently. We publish when we have a spare moment, which is very rarely.

+ My business isn’t sure what to blog about and no one ever interacts with what we create.

+ I want to create content for my own brand but I’m not naturally expressive or creative.

+ Everything you’re saying makes sense but I don’t have the time to brush my hair, let alone write a blog post once a week.


How do we begin?

If you engage with me to create your content marketing strategy, we’ll start by defining your brand’s differences, values and your audience personas. Using this foundation for content creation, we’ll then create a top-level content marketing strategy document. We’ll also create a content map to align your content with your personas and their journey, as well as an editorial calendar. Using the Mercedes-Benz of SEO software, I’ll plug your URL into MOZ (industry-leading marketing software), so that we can accurately track your on-page SEO, technical errors, and monitor how your competitors are doing.


Very important: for me to accurately help you with your content marketing, I’ll need access to your Google Analytics.


The world’s most successful brands aren’t shooting in the dark,

and neither should you. 

I work with brands at every stage of their journey; from savvy startups who are shaping their future to established brands who need to realign their purpose with their audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a financial advisor or a fashion brand, launching a SAAS or designing shoes – you need to demonstrate your value, beliefs and difference. Content marketing is the most organic and authentic way to do this.


Contact me to guide your content marketing.

I offer bespoke content marketing services, including strategy and content writing.

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